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Good health starts with prevention. The medical specialist at Fulshear Family Medicine, is a Medicare provider and participates in the Medicare wellness program. Serving residents throughout Fulshear, and Katy, Texas, the practice focuses on preventive care. To participate in the Medicare wellness program, call the office or select the online booking button today.

Medicare Wellness Q & A

What is Medicare wellness?

Medicare wellness is the preventive health program provided by Medicare, which is the Federal health care program open to those 65 years and older or those younger who qualify for the program due to a disability. The wellness program is specifically part of your Medicare Part B plan, which is your medical insurance plan. The program includes an annual wellness exam after you’ve completed your initial preventive physical examination (IPPE). 

You can participate in the Medicare wellness program only after you’ve been receiving Medicare Part B benefits for 12 months. 

What is IPPE?

The IPPE is the initial examination you need to complete to be able to participate in the Medicare wellness program. The purpose of the IPPE is to gather basic health information about you, which is used to develop your personal preventive wellness plan. 

During your IPPE, the team at Fulshear Family Medicine reviews your:

  • Medical and family history
  • Medication and supplement use
  • Current list of medical providers
  • Diet
  • Physical activity
  • Tobacco and alcohol use

The team also conducts a basic physical exam, which includes a check of your height, weight and blood pressure, as well as a vision test. The team may also conduct various health screenings as recommended by Medicare, such as a screening for depression or cognitive impairment.  

Though an important step towards preventive care, the IPPE may not be as comprehensive as an annual physical exam.

What happens during a Medicare annual wellness visit?

After you’ve completed your IPPE, Medicare allows an annual wellness visit to monitor your health and update your treatment plan. During your annual wellness visit at Fulshear Family Medicine, the team checks your height, weight, and blood pressure and updates your medical and family history.

The team may also screen for cognitive impairment, offer health advice, and refer you to specialists if needed. The team also updates your Medical wellness plan to match your current health needs. 

Like the IPPE, the annual Medicare wellness visit isn’t a comprehensive head-to-toe exam, but a review of your baseline health that assists in establishing your personal wellness plan aimed at health promotion and disease prevention.

To learn more about Medicare wellness and how it can benefit you and your health, contact Fulshear Family Medicine by phone or online today.