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On-Site Laboratory Specialist

Fulshear Family Medicine

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At Fulshear Family Medicine, local to residents in Fulshear, and Katy, Texas, the experienced medical team offer comprehensive on-site laboratory services for your convenience at the office. Whether you need diagnostic testing for acute conditions, like strep throat, or routine monitoring for diabetes or other chronic health condition, the on-site lab services ensure you receive fast, accurate results. Schedule a consultation at Fulshear Family Medicine today using the online booking feature or by calling the office.

On-Site Laboratory Q & A

What on-site laboratory services are available?

The Fulshear Family Medicine on-site laboratory is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic testing resources for acute and chronic health conditions, like:

  • Flu
  • Strep throat
  • Mononucleosis
  • Urinary tract infections

The team also uses the on-site lab for routine monitoring of your blood sugar levels to better manage diabetes.

If you need other lab tests, the staff phlebotomist performs in-office blood draws that they send to off-site medical labs. The medical team also does in-office urine collection to confirm urinary tract infections or to identify blood or proteins in your urine that can indicate existing illness.

When will I need blood work or urine testing?

Blood work and urine testing are often used during the diagnostic process when you have an acute illness or unexplained symptoms. These on-site tests provide your Fulshear Family Medicine provider with information about your existing health and help them create the right treatment plan for infections and other conditions found during testing.

You may also need routine blood work or urine testing during your routine physical to evaluate and monitor existing chronic health issues, such as diabetes or high cholesterol. These tests are valuable for tracking the success of current treatments and help your doctor make necessary adjustments to your medications and other therapies.

What are the benefits on-site laboratory services?

The biggest benefit of on-site laboratory services is the quick results the Fulshear Family Medicine team can provide with diagnostic testing. When you need a diagnosis of your symptoms or need to confirm existing infections, like strep throat, on-site lab work provides results without a long wait.

You also have the advantage of never leaving the office to complete your diagnosis. The team can evaluate your results during your appointment, so any needed treatment can begin as soon as possible. This ensures you feel better quickly, and the Fulshear Family Medicine team focuses on preventing other health complications and the unnecessary spread of infectious conditions, like strep throat.

To find out more about your options for on-site laboratory services, schedule a consultation with the team at Fulshear Family Medicine today using the online booking system or by calling the office.